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On-line Security

What is "Phishing"?

Phishing is when fraudsters try to con individuals to divulge confidential or personal account information by imitating legitimate organizations via spoofed emails and websites. Usually, the emails will contain a hyperlink that takes you to a spoof website that looks very similar to the organization's genuine site. Clicking on a hyperlink may also download malicious software which will record your use of the Internet and forward this information to the fraudsters.

How to protect your personal information?

To protect yourself from fraudsters, you should verify the source of the request before giving out confidential or personal account information

Here are some tips to ensure your on-line transactions are safe

You are advised to communicate with Invesco through our official website domain address ( and not through hyperlinks embedded in e-mails. Invesco will NOT contact you by email or otherwise and ask you to provide your password information.

If you have received such email, please report the incident to Invesco at (852) 3191 8282 immediately.

Before you input your personal information on-line, always check if the web pages are secured, hosted at https and clearly display a padlock at the bottom right of the browser window.

Communication over the Internet may be subject to interruption because of Internet traffic or public nature of the Internet or otherwise. The user have sole responsibility for their protection and back up of data and/or equipment and for taking steps to scan for destructive properties, so as to make the user aware of their responsibility to prevent safeguard and ensure no computer virus enters their system/equipment or mobile phone.

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